Starwood Hellas Ltd was founded in 2008 by Timoleon Maragkidis and Loukas Papageorgiou.
CEO of the company is Loukas Papageorgiou, with experience in the timber field for almost 30 years, working in large timber companies and having extensive practice with Stora Enso for the last 15 years.

Starwood Hellas Ltd is the sole distributor of Stora Enso’s products in Greece, Cyprus and Albania.

Stora Enso is the leading Forest company in Europe with factories in 11 European Union countries and in Europe generally. Annual output is about 5.8 million cubic of timber both spruce and pine, of which approximately 3,000,000 cubic meters is further processed timber (profiles, floorings, strength graded etc.) and engineer timber (joinery-components, Thermowood, CLT etc.) The product portfolio is very wide and can meet the requirements and characteristics of any market.

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Driven by the most thorough service towards our customer - partners, we strive to constantly improve and create new standards. So we do not get content with the already successful collaboration with Stora Enso, but we’re trying to create new partnerships that will complement the range of products and support our customers - partners.

So in this perspective, we have started cooperation with the companies Palmako AS and Ha-Sa Oy, offering our customers - partners also other high quality products like, laminated timber (Glue Lam Beams), making us a complete solution for all current needs in the timber division. Of course we could not stop here. Our efforts also extend to other areas of timber to which we have not presence.

Closing this Starwood presentation, we would like to thank our customers our partners for their confidence in our company and welcome new customers - partners, who with their experience and hard work from our part, we will together perseverance and reciprocate to the tough demands of our market.